The Pursuit of Greatness


It’s about time to get into Revenge of the Sith. Episode III delivered a shot, which is probably my favourite close-up on Anakin, showing a careworn Chosen One:


It’s a beautiful Image altogether, but most eye-catching is the scene’s lighting. The slats of light, which break darkness, and…


Balance. [x]
Just finished watching ” Only God Forgives”

and for the first time in my life, I don’t know if I liked a film or not. I really don’t.. It just filled me with so many emotions. It made me want to go to a corner and cry.. It really fucked me over.. I think I am gonna go now.. Bye..

This movie was interesting

This movie was interesting




Mighty Tanaka has posted some great shots of the new Nychos mural in Brooklyn.  Every neighborhood needs its own exploded whale, y’know?  Check the Mighty Tanaka Tumblr or Instagram for more pics.

(hat tip exhibition-ism)

i want a tattoo like this..

Just, wow.